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Our teachers are trained through different training
Programmes and workshops. Our teaching faculty has to go through an intensive training during the summer vacation every year. Teaching is really an art and every job seeker in the field of education does not possess it. In order to equip the teachers with the recent and latest teaching methods and techniques, they are provided with knowledgeable resource persons during the training sessions and workshops. We allocate a handsome amount of money for this purpose every year so that our teachers may, in true sense of the word, train the young generation in every aspect so that they may find the bright future in life

" Parents Teachers’ Meetings (PTM’s) "

Parents Teachers’ Meetings are arranged on regular basis to keep the parents aware of the latest educational position of their sons/ daughters/ wards. These meetings enable the parents to have direct knowledge of their children’s education and conduct along with their interaction with their class fellows. A written report card about the academic position, health and behavior of the students is also given to the parents in PTM’s.

These meetings also enable the parents to keep in touch with the school administration to solve the problems faced by them regarding their children’s education and grooming. Moreover, the parents are free to discuss their problems in connection with their children’s education with the Principal, Coordinators, teachers and instructors at any time and this practice continues the whole year.

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